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hardware acceleration issue

Question asked by fraizup on May 15, 2018
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I have to disable hardware acceleration in the browser. If i don't, when watching youtube, my GPU usage goes up to 100% and accelerates to full speed (instead of 300Mhz on GPU and 300Mhz on memory). After i stop the playback, GPU usage stays 100% and drops to 0% when i close the browser or randomly after sometime. I have already posted a support ticket and tried to install video driver from scratch. Had updated it for 3 versions or so. but the issue is never fixed. I have a XFX RX470 4gb GPU and driver version is The issue affects Firefox and Chrome, i only tested them.

There are two images showing the issue. One is while playback is on and the other when i pause it.


Hope AMD will be able to look into this issue. Thank you!