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    Ryzen 5 2400g blue tints on screen. Any solution?


      ISSUE: when i start games on windowed mode they were running well and there is no issue but when i full screen them a bluish tint covers all the screen and all the graphics becomes bluish in colour . Also not only in games but also in vlc media player when i played a video it was running well in full screen but when i run it in aspect ratio of 16:9 to fill the whole screen then also the same problem comes and screen becomes bluish .I was unable to take screenshot of that but i get it by a camera. I had already check cables and my display is connected to a hdmi cable.

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          When I play fallout 4 on steam, the game launch with correct color but once in the game, red color is missing and everything red replaced with blue. If I exit the game and back to desktop, the issue persisted. I have to run radeon setting app and change any setting to get the screen to refresh to get the correct color back.


          Later I found a trick in fallout 4, just alt tab and alt tab back to the game and the color is corrected. Project Cars 2 must use mouse to switch back to the game and had to try a few times.


          I have the latest Acer Nitro 5 with Ryzen 5.


          So far this happen to 3 games, fallout 4, "heroes and generals" and Project Cars 2

          Other steam game like Team Fortress 2 RaceRoom Racing and does not have the problem.


          All games color works correctly in windows mode.


          The laptop has the latest bios 1.08 and latest VGA driver both from Acer website.