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Will the Radeon 540 be supported by AMD?

Question asked by alkaliv2 on May 15, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2018 by margaron55

An attempt was made to update the drivers for a Radeon 540 (Radeon™ 540 Graphics | AMD ) using the auto detect and install application.  Using the selection process I can see that the 530 is available in the drop down menus but the 540 is not.  This device is a discrete GPU found inside of a Samsung Notebook 9 Pro and the OEM drivers being supplied are of version 17.12 and are causing major issues with Windows and gaming performance.


I know that this is an OEM driver issue, but I sincerely doubt that Samsung has made this driver correction a priority.  Their support team asked if I checked your website for updates which is why I'm posting here.  But I sincerely doubt that their support team knows when or if driver updates will be available.  Is there a chance that since the Radeon 530 is supported that the 540 will also get driver support in case Samsung does not provide updates?