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    Will the Radeon 540 be supported by AMD?


      An attempt was made to update the drivers for a Radeon 540 (Radeon™ 540 Graphics | AMD ) using the auto detect and install application.  Using the selection process I can see that the 530 is available in the drop down menus but the 540 is not.  This device is a discrete GPU found inside of a Samsung Notebook 9 Pro and the OEM drivers being supplied are of version 17.12 and are causing major issues with Windows and gaming performance.


      I know that this is an OEM driver issue, but I sincerely doubt that Samsung has made this driver correction a priority.  Their support team asked if I checked your website for updates which is why I'm posting here.  But I sincerely doubt that their support team knows when or if driver updates will be available.  Is there a chance that since the Radeon 530 is supported that the 540 will also get driver support in case Samsung does not provide updates?

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            Describe Your System kingfish

            • Radeon 540 (2GB)
            • Laptop Samsung Notebook 9 Pro (NP940X5N-X01US)
            • Windows 10 Home 64-Bit
            • Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 17.12
            • Intel i7-8550u
            • 16GB RAM


            Provide a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing and the steps required to reproduce the issue.

            • Mouse hangs when closing applications, UAC window freezes on black screen before prompt, framerate identical to internal GPU (Intel 620) when discrete graphics card is supposedly in use, no boost clock reached from Radeon 540 (should be 1124MHz and maxes out at 980MHz), MSI Afterburner shows under-utilized GPU activity while game is running, GPU-Z shows Radeon 540 switching on and off randomly simply running Windows, and system can be "fixed" by turning off the discrete GPU in device manager.  However, that should not be the solution.  This can be repeated by playing Star Wars the Old Republic, running the computer on boot, and launching the UAC permissions dialog.

            Details about applications/games affected (including version number)

            • Star Wars the Old Republic version 5.9a suffers from inconsistent framerate, variable clock rates, variable GPU usage, no boost clock achieved at all during gaming despite graphical changes, and overall poor performance unless set to very low settings (essentially what the Intel 620 would be able to match for framerate if the 540 was disabled).

            Graphical settings used in the application/game (resolution and 3D settings)

            • Resolution 1920x1080
            • Star Wars Old Republic Very Low, Medium, and High Presets all tested.  GPU-Z log attached below from using the High Preset

            If possible, include a screenshot or video link of the issue

            • Attached is a log from GPU-Z from running the game for about 7 minutes.  It displays how the Radeon GPU changes utilization percentages randomly and that it never achieves the boost clock speed of 1124MHz.  The performance of the device while gaming is on par with the Intel 620 GPU (which I do not think should be the case) and the UI issues seem to come from handing off between the GPU and iGPU.


            So my question was, is AMD going to support the Radeon 540 directly through their drivers site?  Because Samsung technical support does not seem to know anything about software driver updates that will fix this issue despite several forum posts in their community.

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                Generally, after 2, maybe 3 updates from the manufacturer there usually are updates available from AMD for OEM graphics. Have you installed the latest drivers available from Samsung using the SW Update app?

                Do you have any yellow marks in Device Manager?

                Is your computer power plan set to 'Performance'? (not 'balanced')

                Screenshot_3 (2).png

                Have you set the graphics choices correctly? Configuring Laptop Switchable Graphics on a Windows® Based System

                Have you disabled any 'power saving' program...example:'cool and quite'?

                Are you expecting too much? AMD Launches Entry-Level Radeon RX 540 Mobile Chip | Digital Trends

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                    I hope your top answer ends up being true because Samsung is notoriously bad at providing software updates for all of their hardware.  I thought I could avoid the issue with a laptop since it ran on Windows, but apparently the manufacturer has more driver control than I imagined.


                    I will answer all of your questions, but I have one I need to ask: why would setting my GPU Workload in Global Settings from "Graphics" to "Compute" allow my Radeon 540 to reach its boost clock speed during gaming?  After reading about Crossfire issues with Intel graphics, I took a chance and changed to the "Compute" option under GPU workload and all of a sudden I am seeing 1124MHz as the clock speed being reached by the GPU in game.  Now I am seeing the GPU still being under-utilized because the GPU load in the log attached below fluctuates wildly in game no matter what settings I try.  But the log also shows that I am finally attaining the boost speed advertised by the hardware.


                    As for your questions:

                    Do you have any yellow marks in Device Manager?

                    • No, I've sorted out all hardware drivers and device functionality.  All hardware is recognized and all of Samsung's software drivers are considered "up to date" based on their own software update tool (Samsung SW Update).  It's disappointing that they released version 17.12 of the AMD software last year and there has been zero updates since then for Intel or AMD.

                    Is your computer power plan set to 'Performance'? (not 'balanced')

                    • There was no "High Performance" mode available in power plans, however I created one then re-tested and the GPU load and clock speeds were still all over the place.

                    Have you set the graphics choices correctly?

                    • AMD Software successfully detected the Star Wars game and assigned it a profile set to high performance so it is shown to run using the discrete GPU.  On that note, however, I did go into Power Plan and attempt to set the graphics to "Force power saving graphics" on battery and what I am seeing under GPU-Z is that despite being on battery I am seeing the 540 turn on randomly just idle in Windows between 200-400MHz for a few seconds.  That's leaving the device idle and still seeing spikes from the discrete GPU where I believe the iGPU should be the only device running.

                    Have you disabled any 'power saving' program...example:'cool and quite'?

                    • No programs like this exist on my laptop because I wiped the drive and re-installed Windows 10 Pro without any of the Samsung software.  After the clean install I put back the Samsung Software Update tool and ensured I was still getting mandatory updates without all the background applications pre-installed with their version Windows.

                    Are you expecting too much?

                    • I have two expectations: the first is that the GPU load remain at least mostly consistent and that the GPU clock rates not fluctuate wildly so that I can get a sense of GPU performance; regardless of what level of performance that is.
                    • The second expectation is that the discrete GPU not cause the lag I'm seeing when the UAC prompt comes up or the hanging of programs due to GPU handoff.  I can verify partly that this is caused by the hand-off by disabling the discrete GPU in Device Manager and perform all normal Windows tasks without lag using the iGPU.  I don't know what is causing the issues I'm experiencing, but I imagine that there is some kind of settings error that exists between Windows power settings, Samsung power settings, and AMD power settings.


                    Thank you for your patience and help with this.

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                Since you won't/haven't furnished any of the required information about your laptop...I have to assume you have this one, and it doesn't have any AMD hardware:


                Inside the Notebook 9 Pro are a quad-core Intel Core i7-6700HQ, a GeForce GTX 950m graphics with 2GB of GDDR5, a Lite-On M.2 SATA SSD, and 8GB of DDR3/1866 RAM in two SO-DIMM slots.

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                    The post that covers your response to me is still "currently being moderated" and has been for over 7 hours.  I guess the mention system works even if my post doesn't show up?  In which case I apologize because my post covered all your questions from the link you provided.  It also included a log file from GPU-Z but I have no idea how long it will take the be approved.  Assuming this post I'm making now goes through, my model number is the NP940X5N-X01US Samsung Notebook 9 Pro with an i7-8550u which contains both Radeon 540 graphics and the Intel 620 iGPU.