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    Ryzen 5 2600X high tempertures





      I just bought Ryzen 5 2600X and Gigabyte Aorus X470 Ultra Gaming motherboard. And after putting it together, I got bit worried about temperatures. On idle, I am around 40C, jumping up to 50C. But trying to stress test it, by using Aida64, my temperatures went up all the way between 85-95C at around 3,9Ghz. I did turn on all CPU and RAM related test, except hard drives and GPU. Not sure if this is normal or not, so I decided to ask. Especially since Ryzen didn't feel like dropping frequency any further. Also a bit weird to me is that on idle, Ryzen master reports up to 1.45V mostly stays at 1.425V. Seems bit high to me, considering results I saw online. I am using stock Wriath Spire cooler, with thermal paste that was pre-applied to it. Other than that system starts fine and works, I had no stability issues even when stress testing. So I am just curious if that is normal and what are safe temperatures?


      As for case, it is GX200 from Antec. I only have one out take fan in back that came with case, no intake fans. But even if I open sidepanel, temperatures seem to stay about same. And applying cooler to it went pretty much smoothly, I didn't do any re-applying, so there should be no issue with paste. Maybe I am just paranoid, but this is first time I did replace CPU and motherboard. Also my case gets pretty hot at top, not too hot to hold your hand there, but pretty hot still.


      Also gaming wise, I am at about 70C. I tested it with an hour of FF15 and AC Origins, two most CPU demanding games I could think of in my library. Maybe I am overthinking this.

      P.S. I didn't do any overclocking, it is all stock and XFR.

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          What does Ryzen Master say the temperatures are? Thermal max for Ryzen is 91*C, and if you shouldn't be able to exceed that without, at the least, throttling.

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              Temperatures are fluctuating, I re-ran stress test with CPU, and it was mostly jumping between 86 and 96. Basically it was XFR trying to push more voltage past 1.35v to get above 3,9Ghz. And then it would throttle below 91C, by dropping bit below 3,9Ghz and dropping voltage to something like 1.325V. So it is bit spiky graph in Aida64. Also Ryzen Master was giving me same temperatures +/-2C, which was more likely due to different update interval, max spike in Ryzen Master was 99C, only happened once. Also apparently my board also has node on VRM MOSS, which was at about 70C. I checked temperatures with Ryzen Master, HWMonitor, Gigabyte SIV and Aida64. And they mostly agree on them, but temperatures written are all from Ryzen Master. And BIOS settings are all optimized defaults, I didn't change anything or turn of any failsafes stuff.


              I tried adding GPU to the mix, just to see if it would throttle harder, because why not try stupid ideas and that brought temperatures above 90C pretty much in less than a minute, CPU kind of didn't want to throttle below 3,8Ghz, so I shut stress test down pretty much straight after, without waiting for it to go north of 100C.


              For my next step, I guess I will try adding more case fans. And replace rear fan, because I don't think it is moving enough air out. And I will see where this takes me. If you have any recommendations, for 120mm fan, which can push a lot of air, is preferably not louder than Wriath cooler I have and won't cost a fortune, I am all ears. Other than that, I guess I could manually try to set clock to up to 3,9Mhz and around 1.325V, but since I am not really into overclocking and don't know much about it, I am trying to avoid that. I feel like XFR could be bit less aggressive thought... does it even have setting for that? Or at least to be bit more on lower temperature side.