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Ryzen 1800 Low performance not utilising CPU properly in Starcraft

Question asked by trolsopol on May 14, 2018



I'm having an issue with Starcraft 2. I am playing the game at Extreme settings and in a not busy screen i get up to 200 FPS, but during a intence fight scene i some times go as low as 7 FPS. I've tried changing to the lowest settings possible and this helps only in the high FPS range. With those settings i'm getting up to 400 FPS on the not busy screen and about 10 on a busy scene. I am running Ryzen 1800x at stock speed, with 16GB Gskill Ram at 2,933 Mhz, Nvidia GTX 980, Samsung 850 Evo ssd, ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Hero Motherboard with bios version 6004. I've already contacted "Blizzard" (The game developer) and they said that there is no reason that my system shouldn't be running the games at higher frames. I know that the game can not run on more than 2 cores, but even during the most intense scenes i'm never using more than 70% of any core. I've checked both the windows task manager and HWMonitor. I know that the bottleneck is not anywhere else because i'm not using any other component more than 50%. I've tried setting affinity of the application to all cores and prority to "realtime", but that didn't help. Can someone give me some ideas what might fix this issue.


Thanks in advance