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Windows 10 (1803 ) stuttering but gaming is good

Question asked by impuls3 on May 14, 2018
Latest reply on May 14, 2018 by impuls3

Hi my pc update to the latest windows 10 1803 version so I updated to the latest drivers for windows which is 18.4.1, but straight away I notice stuttering in windows but when I am gaming it's not there but soon as i go onto windows stuttering.

I did do an clean install but won't got back as I play destiny 2 and the last drivers where making the game stutter and freeze after the new DLC.


My specs

I7 4790K @ 4.4Ghz

16 GB ram

Asus Z97-A motherborad


samsung evo 850 500GB ssd + 1TB hard driver

650 corsir psu

windows version 1803

amd drivers 18.4.1