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i have problem with my graphic card R7 m260

Question asked by eng_ahmad_abosalem on May 11, 2018


guys i have problem and i need some help pls !

first of all i play fortnite ok ! and my graphic card must run it to medium without probelem ok

but when u run the game on R7 m260  frame start 60 fps ok after 10 sec something like this will be 15 fps and he lag and back fine after that its back the same problem drop and back i need help i play on intel right now and he  stable not like R7 m260 i so tierd

my laptop

cpu : i5-5200u

Ram 6GB

hard disk 1 TB

graphic card R7 m260 2Gb

windows 10

my drive for graphic : 15.7.1 AMD Catalyst

i need to now who is the best for R7 m260 windows 10 or 7 for games and if i try it it will be the solve ??!!!!

help me >>and sry for my bad language .

and for last thing my the performance its was not like this the before i was hace windows 8.1 but after a time he be like this -_- and i upgraded to win 10 and same problem