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[APU] Switchable graphics settings have no effect and jump back to "power saving" mode

Question asked by sugarshock on May 13, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2020 by ricoxrika

Hi, I've got a little problem here.

I operate an HP Pavillion with an A10-8780P APU and an R7 M360 graphics card. The combination was marketed as R8 M365DX EXTREME EDITION.


I was finally able to install correct Radeon Settings yesterday on my Windows 10 machine, I had to activate Legacy Boot Support in BIOS.

The whole things works, but in generall, I'm unable to use the dedicated graphics for any applications. Everytime I set any application in the "Switchable graphics" settings in "System" to use the "high performance" gpu, it has no effect at all and will only take 3 minutes until the setting jumps back to "power saving" GPU.


Task manager shows the APU as "R7 graphics" with almost 100% workload when running a game, while R7 360 below is constantly at 0%.


Yes, I tried several clean installs of the drivers.


The new Windows 10 graphics settings shows both, power saving and high performace GPU as "Radeon R7 graphics" and it doesnt matter what I set, it still has no effect.


I'd really like to use my laptop properly again. Any idea?