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    [APU] Switchable graphics settings have no effect and jump back to "power saving" mode


      Hi, I've got a little problem here.

      I operate an HP Pavillion with an A10-8780P APU and an R7 M360 graphics card. The combination was marketed as R8 M365DX EXTREME EDITION.


      I was finally able to install correct Radeon Settings yesterday on my Windows 10 machine, I had to activate Legacy Boot Support in BIOS.

      The whole things works, but in generall, I'm unable to use the dedicated graphics for any applications. Everytime I set any application in the "Switchable graphics" settings in "System" to use the "high performance" gpu, it has no effect at all and will only take 3 minutes until the setting jumps back to "power saving" GPU.


      Task manager shows the APU as "R7 graphics" with almost 100% workload when running a game, while R7 360 below is constantly at 0%.


      Yes, I tried several clean installs of the drivers.


      The new Windows 10 graphics settings shows both, power saving and high performace GPU as "Radeon R7 graphics" and it doesnt matter what I set, it still has no effect.


      I'd really like to use my laptop properly again. Any idea?