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Windows 10 Unusable ( black or flashing screen ) After 1803 Update. The Epic Saga....

Question asked by cygnus_x1 on May 12, 2018
Latest reply on May 12, 2018 by cygnus_x1

So...I installed the Windows 1803 update, jokingly commenting to my wife that something was bound to go wrong.  And it didn't disappoint me. The update downloaded and installed fine..but on login it just got stuck with the swirly thing on the login screen...endlessly.


If I hit ctrl_alt_delete when it was stuck like that , and called up task manager, it brought up an only partially filled desktop and taskbar, with everything flashing between that and a totally black screen every second or so. This was effectively un-usable.


I decided that maybe the graphics driver was the problem. BUT, the AMD software updater wont let you update to 18.4.1 before the Windows says 18.2.1 is the latest version.  So I got hold of the 18.4.1 Adrenalin driver and installed it from the .exe file. so it was there before the windows update.


But still I had the flashing screen problem after doing the Windows update. Things then went from the sublime to the ridiculous when I went into safe mode and tried to install the 18.4.1 driver again....I was told the update could not be done because the driver ( which I got from AMD dowloads ) was not signed ! 


Maybe it was the wrong I downloaded the thingy from AMD that automatically checks for the right driver. But it won't run in safe mode !...nothing happens. And safe mode is the only place where I CAN run anything after the Windows update.


So I have now twice done ' go back to previous version of Windows'....and the damned update wants to install again...