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threadripper motherboard continuously resets with gskill memory

Question asked by on May 10, 2018

I'm having issues with my threadripper/ asus x399 primemotherboard. I've got a 1920X with liqtech tr4 240 cooler, 4 sticks of g.skill ripjaws ddr4 3000 memory, an m2 drive and some satas. The CPU memory and motherboard was


When I populate the board with two sticks the system operates normally. With 4 the LED reads 15, tehn 8, then restarts in a loop. I'm looking into the motherboard, but I have tried all of the usual diagnostics steps there (simplifying, reseating, check for bent pins . different memory combos and slots, etc) without success. ASUS finally released an update of the bios on 5 may 2018 and I tried that. No success, same results.


Should I be asking for an RMA on the CPU?