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New APU build, Colour shifts blue with games, but reseting LCD fixes it?

Question asked by euromir73 on May 10, 2018
Latest reply on May 14, 2018 by momotarou

Hi All


Built a new entry level machine, for mostly work and office stuff but also for the odd low level casual games too. Its a Gigabyte AB350m board, with a Ryzen 3 2200g APU and 8gb of RAM, running Windows 10 Pro, using just the APU and no graphics card currently (and stock cooler for now).


Running out an HDMI to a 27" Acer LCD


Have installed all gigabyte chipset drivers, updated bios, graphics drivers at current version from AMD page etc, windows updated the lot, so all should be setup good. 99% of the time the PC runs perfectly, videos, editing, adobe suite all work flawlessly and no issues. No over clocking etc i should add, have even run Uengine benchmark etc, without any graphic issues.


But when i launch games (tested with several, similar issues) the graphics turn blue, literally like a blue filter has been draped over the monitor. And with one game (fortnite) the graphics even go all full screen psychedelic mess.


Now what is odd, all this issues are solved if i just power-cycle my LCD screen ? Graphics return to normal and i can play for hours issue free. But then again when i exit games, windows desktop is then all orange now! Again if i power-cycle my LCD all is fixed again.


So at least i have a workaround now, by constantly reseting my LCD, but what is going on please? I can only think it has something to with the graphics switching "modes" or something when i launch games and the HDMI signal getting scrambled or something odd.


But i am hoping there is a fix please ?