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Issues with new drivers for A6-5200 APU Integrated Graphics (HD 8400)

Question asked by neoneagle on May 10, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2019 by wah

Overall, my experience with AMD was acceptable, never really had any problems and didn't mind it. It was fine for years, keeping the same drivers, from about 2015. A Windows Update from Windows 10 updated the drivers for my AMD parts, the APU and GPU that is integrated. It updated the integrated graphics, and after that I've been getting this stuttering that is so unusual. It freezes about every 5 seconds, without me doing anything. Even after restarting, launching nothing. The problem could be with the low power PSU equipped in my laptop. The mouse and screen keep freezing and it gets really annoying, and unplayable for any games and even watching YouTube.
I have tried multiple fixes for this and I only see a few working to help me.
The problem might be the power supply that it gets and doesn't have enough for the new drivers.


Currently, I'm trying to use the Clean Install listed, downloading the DDU.
I doubt this will fix anything, and yes I was using the correct way and followed all directions.


The two fixes that I believe in the most are getting Outdated Drivers, or reinstalling Windows 10.
There's only one that I really like, and want to do, the other one I don't really want to do.


Getting Outdated Drivers for my NoteBook Graphics with the CPU A6-5200 integrated with HD 8400 Graphics would be the best. If there is any way to download older drivers please tell me. The best ones would be from about 2015 or 2016.
This is about the only option that isn't too long or requires a lot of experience.


The last and final option is reinstalling Windows 10 which I am truly against since it takes so long and I have no experience with it that could help me at all. I don't even know if I need to get a new activation code,  and I don't really want to lose everything, this option would probably work but is very time consuming for me. I do not want to do this until it is the last option.


I have tried almost everything else, rolling back drivers. Doesn't work. Twice I tried to do a System Restore, but it failed twice, using different dates with my AV off.
If there is any way to get outdated drivers, which is not available on the AMD website as far as I know, it would be very nice. I can't find them anywhere else from a safe website that I can trust.


Thank you for reading, and if you find anything that can help me (Link to Outdated Drivers) then please tell me, if I can't get outdated drivers anywhere, then please tell me how to reinstall Windows 10 without needing a new activation code for my Laptop.




CPU: Amd A6-5200
GPU: Integrated Graphics (HD 8400)