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    AMD Link not connect


      I have an AOC tablet with AMD Link, and it is impossible to connect to my PC with Radeon 18 in two ways:

      1- Scan QR code, I can not scan, the code is on my 1080p monitor and the scan button on my tablet does not work.

      2- Manual entry, I've been trying for more than 30 minutes and can not, win defend is blocked by AVG Internet Security, to disable the firewall and I can not connect.

      This is crap !! enable usb connection and go! I do not understand how these things do not even work!

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          I don't use the link function but did find this FAQ page if you have not seen it, it may offer some help: AMD Link FAQ | AMD   These forums are not AMD employee support but user to user peer support, people just like you helping each other. Someone may come along with the ability to give you good help or that FAQ might help. If not you can ask AMD employees by opening a support ticket: Email Form