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problems with Amd Athlon X4 845 only recognizes 2 cores: C

Question asked by parzival on May 9, 2018
Latest reply on May 12, 2018 by amd6502
Good morning 2 days ago I changed my processor AMD A4 4000 for an AMD Athlon X4 845 that bought new problem comes when I enter CPU Z says that it only has
2 cores and 2 threads when it is supposed to be 4 cores and 4 threads I execute one cpuz bench test cpuz and gives me half the performance of an Apu A10 when it should be the same thing happens with a
test in cinebench gives 140 points and other pc with this cpu gives 292 points my board is a biostar a68md pro with the latest version of bios I do not know what
to do in games gives me the same performance as a Dual core please help: C