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Windows Server 2016 Drivers for X470

Question asked by dlaloum on May 9, 2018
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Is there any prospect of providing proper driver support for Win2016 Server installations on X470?


Most of the drivers seem to work fine with judicious editting of the various ".inf" files to include the relevant OS identifier...


The platform works very well for a lab server or home server, but setting it up is needlessly painful, especially given that Win10 drivers should all be compatible with Win2016.


Your help with this would be very much appreciated!


I have the following


Asus X470-F Strix  motherboard

Ryzen 5 2400G

32GB G-Skill Sniper 3600MHz RAM (2 x 16gb)

Highpoint RocketRaid 2840a

6 x 8TB array

2 x 500GB SSD

2 x 2TB Boot


Setting up the 2TB boot array in RAID1 using the Motherboard RaidXpert2 functionality has been ... difficult.

Although I managed to find an install the drivers for Win10 on Win2016, the RaidXpert2 software does not find the drivers, and therefore does not allow login, or management.

Radeon drivers have loaded without issues as have USB, and other Chipset related drivers.

Highpoint RR2840a drivers have loaded without an issue


Please, do the additional work to properly qualify that driver set for Win2016 (it should not be a major piece of work!)


Thank you