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    StoreMi Ryzen 2700x with an SSHD


      StoreMi Ryzen 2700x - does it work properly with a "Seagate Desktop SSHD 2TB" which has an 8gb SSD Cache, or do these technologies interfere with each other. The SSHD is my game drive and i would like to pair it with a Samsung 860 Pro SSD 256gb.

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          Seagate SSHD is transparent to OS thus it won't interfere in breaking sense. However SSHDs in general are quite poor HDDs itself without cache. It's especially noticeable when you work on big datasets that don't fit into cache. Their whole performance gain over crappy HDD lies in cache. If you're gonna use 256gb samsung for StoreMi, tiny cache from SSHD won't be utilized at all because frequently used data that would be loaded into SSHD cache will be loaded to samsung anyways. So such setup will be really similar in performance to not-so-good HDD + SSD cache.


          All in all yes it will work, it will work significantly better than SSHD alone but it's gonna probably work worse than setup with better quality standard HDD and samsung as cache.

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