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    AMD ryzen 1700 fails stability tests and now with added screen lock up


      hello forum,

        so I have a system,

      amd ryzen 1700

      msi x370 carbon

      3200mhz memory,

      hard dive

      1000watt evga psu

      so I brought this and it worked ok for about a year,i have keep the cpu at stock for this year and have cooled it to 40c max under full load.

      I updated bios on the mobo and tested the cpu for stability, It failed to pass occt, ibt or adia 64.

      I asked about it as I could see that the window resource monitor had it doing above 100%, which had me thinking windows, but today twice it has locked up while at desktop.

      games run like slugs that have been stamped on.

      I have no idea why this is, are any of you experiencing the same thing please?


      wonder if it is windows or the problem is due to this cpu dying on me and this being the third generation of amd cpu's that have failed to work after a year.

      I have plans to burn the product and have nothing to do with this mess they sell ever again.

      I also like the added value that this produces, as shipping is cheap for a cpu, but the insurance for shipping a £300 cpu is very high [ about £40]

      I do have an fx system next to me as well,it has the same gpu and its odd that the fx is performing better than the ryzen?

      I would like to say nice things, but no.