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Higher Idle temps and High idle voltage R7 2700X

Question asked by briand on May 9, 2018
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My setup:

R7 2700X w/ Wraith Prism cooler

Asrock X470 Master SLI/AC

MSI Rx 480 Gaming X 8GB

Gskill Trident Z 3466mhz 16-15-15-15-33

EVGA SuperNova G3 750w Gold




Since initially building my system I have noticed higher than normal temps and voltages at idle and by normal I have compared what I am getting to other I have seem around the web who also run the stock cooler. The temps at idle I am seeing are around 48c - 55c with the occasional 10c spikes that bring it up to about 60c and voltages staying around 1.3v to 1.43v all the while pretty much maintaining a frequency of 3700mhz and not down-clocking at idle. For the most part I am using HWINFO64 to monitor things with the temps I described being the Tctrl temps and the Tdie temps are 10c less then the Tctl temps Others have reported around 35-40c idle with between .8v-1v. Whenever I also do different benchmark tests Prime95 will get the processor to the point of shutting down and Aida64 Extreme (trial) will give one of the CPU temps being in the 100s and will not even show the temp when running a benchmark.


What I have done so far:


Right now I am still in contact with Asrock support to try and figure out this issues and so far not much is happening with their suggestions. I have also checked and replaced Thermal Paste twice with not apparent spreading issues, using the pea method.I have made sure that I am on the latest BIOS from Asrock that is not their beta version. The one thing that I have noticed through testing and trial and error is that If i were to go into AMD CBS settings in BIOS > Zen Common and change CPU Idle Power settings to > Low Idle Power  and this seems to allow the processor to down-clock and lower its idle voltages to around .8v-.82v. The only thing Asrock has really told me to do was to run the WIndows Power Saver plan and to only use their A-Tuning software to check temps and voltages.


Ive tried to check other threads to see if there are other issues and Ive only encountered one other thread and one person answered that there was a bad sensor. I know I could probably RMA the processor if it is truly the problem but not so sure about returning or RMAing my mobo now since I already cut out the UPC code/sticker for a rebate.


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