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r9 295x2 BSODs on fresh install of windows 10 with creators update

Question asked by citruslee on May 9, 2018
Latest reply on May 17, 2018 by citruslee

I bought a new motherboard and CPU. I installed windows 10, with all the updates. When I tried to install the amd driver from the website, either the 18.2.1 or 18.4.1 it just goes BSOD during install sometimes, or when it miraculously installs then after computer restart it gives me system thread exception not handled BSOD on kernel mode driver (atikmdag.sys). Only driver which works is the one provided by windows update, but that update from windows is probably half-butted by microsoft, because the radeon settings does not work after reboot. I can live with this WHQL driver, but the problem is that only one GPU is utilized from the two.


My setup is:
cpu: intel i7 7820X

mobo: msi x299 tomahawk/ac
gpu: gigabyte radeon r9 295x2

ram: 16gb ddr4 2400mhz

ssd: nvm-e samsung 512gb

psu: 1000W corsair RM1000

os: Windows 10 Pro with Creators Update


It is a great pity that the new driver bsods because this card is truly wonderful and I would not change it for anything else.