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      Dell 5675 Inspiron Gaming Desktop on Steriods + Mining Rig. Dual Vega 56 Graphics, XFX & MSI. 3rd Graphics Card OEM Dell RX580 only used for mining. 850W PSU upgraded from 460W. I know this is an OEM computer, but made some hefty upgrades. OEM was way cheaper than building my own and it's been a long while since I have built a computer, so I started here.  I will build my next one with an AMD CPU and GPU in about 3 years or so I would guess. I would prefer 1 VEGA 64 Liquid Cooled for gaming versus the two Vega 56's, but way overpriced right now, so maybe down the road. These 3 GPU's are making for a nice Mining Rig though. Mining will help me pay for all of this, and upgrades down the road.  Screwing around with this one has been fun, building my own will even better. I am next looking to upgrade to an Ultra Wide FHD LG 144hz monitor when they go onsale.. I am also using a Logitech G910 Keyboard, g502 mouse, and g533 Wireless Headset. I have Dell 2.1 Speakers which are nice, but not great. I use the headset most of the time so that really doesn't bother me.




      CPUAMD Ryzen 7 1700x @ 3.9GHz Stable
      CoolerDell CPU Liquid Cooler
      MotherboardDell X370
      Memory16GB (8GBx2) Samsung 2400Mhz
      GraphicsDual Radeon RX Vega 56's + RX580
      Disc Drive 1Hynix 256GB M.2 SSD
      Disc Drive 2Samsung 850 EVO 1TB SSD
      Disc Drive 3Toshiba 7200rpm 1TB HDD
      PSUDell 850w
      CaseDell Inspiron 5675 Gaming Desktop Vented
      MonitorDell 27 Monitor FHD 75hz SE2717H