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    Is this normal? 2700x




      I got a AMD Ryzen 2700X with the MSI Gaming Pro carbon mainboard and G.Skill DDR 3000 Ram.


      I was wondering if it is normal that in the "ryzen optimized" power plan the clock sppeds are so high? On my old Intel it would go down to 800mhz or maybe 1.6ghz, and only under heavy use to 3.8ghz.


      But even in this balanced option it is rarely under 3.5ghz, only if I use the windows balanced it goes below 2.5ghz sometimes.


      Also wondering if it is normal that the CPU fan is pulsating? It will go from fast to slow every couple of seconds. Not hugely so but I notice it when looking at it. Under load it seems to stay permanently on.


      When I choose the RAM speed in the BIOS to the spec with XMP to 3000 the CPU fan gets loud for some reason? At default it goes down to 2133mhz and it is fairly silent. I have now set it to 2733mhz as that is the highest setting I can use before the CPU fan gets loud.


      Also is 35-44c normal for idle temps? I had some trouble installing the cooler and had to lift the cooler again, and the pre-applied thermal paste was already smeared a bit on the CPU.


      Another thing that I find weird is that while the fan is pulsating, going faster and slower all the time, the BIOS reports it as 0RPM. Only when I disable "Smart Fan Control" next to the curve I get a reading and it spools up.

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                    do you have a bios that supports the cpu installed on that thing by MSI please?

          and do you have cool and quiet turned on in bios?

          it stays at 3200mhz on mine if you disable it and that does not affect the fact the cpu is an unstable lump of junk.

          from my experience, I wont buy MSI or AMD again, sad overpriced rubbish.

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            Yes, definitely not AMD's problem--I can't even hear my fan at its max...;)  All in all, it's a great idea to learn about how Windows power options work--and to learn about how the cpu you just bought works, too.   Here are a couple of links to get you started on the road to knowledge:


            Windows 10 Help Forums


            Cool'n'Quiet - Wikipedia


            BTW, Bing/Google is your friend.    Basically, Cool 'n Quiet works exactly the way it did on your Intel rig.  The above tutorial explains the Win10 power options settings and how they affect the operation of your cpu--a must read, no matter who makes your cpu.  Good luck--you have much to learn...;)