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Windows 7 AMD Radeon R9 M200x No Brightness Control

Question asked by drshep on May 9, 2018

Hi there,


I've always had issues with this card and the brightness controls after driver updates. However, up until now a registry hack has resolved the issue.


Basically - each time the driver is updated, the brightness control stops working. The keys move the slider, but no change in brightness occurs.


(Actually, this time it was a total nightmare - the update blue-screened my laptop and I had to uninstall everything (including the Intel card) and start all again)


I've tried the registry hack, but the key (KMD_EnableBrightnessinterface2) is no longer there. Creating it doesn't help.


I've tried disabling adaptive brightness etc, but again nothing.


Hoping you guys have had some more luck...


Any ideas?



Windows 7 64-bit, Samsung Series 7 Chronos laptop.