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    3 cores disabled?


      Hey, guys. Recently upgraded from an i5 to a R5 1600X and I love it. But I've ran into a problem.


      My task manager is telling me that, instead of all 6 cores, I only have 3 available cores. Not even available but only 3 cores in general. When i initially put my parts together, all cores appeared and were perfectly healthy. Aside from my system telling me my RAM was only clocking at 1066 instead of 2133, everything was optimal. But today, I seem to have misplaced 3 of my very valuable cores.


      If anyone can help, I'd GREATLY appreciate it.


      Specs are as follows


      R5 1600X base clock 3.6Ghz
      GTX 1060 3GB OC
      16GB DDR4 RAM