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    Change youtube account linked to Relive




      In short, how do I change the youtube channel connected to my Re-live.



      I have been using AMD re-live for a while now, for Recording.

      Recently I thought of streaming from it to one of my youtube channels.

      I connected an youtube channel and it worked fine.

      But I need to stream to a different youtube channel now.

      How do i disconnect from the old channel and link the new channel.


      I tried "Reset" option on top of the Relive section. It did not work. It still stays connected to the old channel.


      System Specs:

      Windows 10 (All latest updates installed)

      RX480 8 GB

      8 GB of RAM

      Radeon software Version 18.4.1

      Radeon Settings Version - 2018.0425.4.41502

      Driver Packaging Version -

      Provider - Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

      2D Driver Version -

      Direct3D® Version -

      OpenGL® Version -

      OpenCL™ Version - 24.20.11001.5003

      AMD Mantle Version -

      AMD Mantle API Version - Not Available

      AMD Audio Driver Version -

      Vulkan™ Driver Version - 2.0.20

      Vulkan™ API Version - 1.1.70


      Please let me know if any further information is required.