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AMD R6 M435DX on Lenovo Ideapad 310 WIN10 - blue screen of death

Question asked by merovingio on May 5, 2018
Latest reply on May 27, 2018 by merovingio

I have buy a Lenovo 310 15ABR that after 6 month have some problem with graphic card AMD Radeon R6 M435DX 2Gb.

Problem starting with driver crash, then after driver upgrade crash continue and finally R6 hardware appear to be disconnected and PC work only with R5 512MB integrate graphic card.

Into Task Manager was present 2 GPU, all R5, never R6.

And if i change on BIOS video card from "dual Graphic card" to "switchable graphic card" i have various problem at notebook starting.


I send the PC to support indicating R6 problem and after 20 day they returned the PC under warranty with motherboard changed... not graphic card.


Starting the notebook AMD video card driver was old, R6 is present.

After few days notebook starting with BSOD with PC restarting and my work on notebook lost.

I have try to upgrade AMD graphic card driver and i continue to have blue screen of death.

BSOD says is a stuck driver process.


With BSOD viewer i see that there are 3 driver indicated:





Problem is not solved! On my enterprise was excited that i buy a lenovo online.

Now i "lost my face" and they says of don't buy never again lenovo online.

Good work...