Automatic generation of Game profiles.

Discussion created by kdingo81 on May 5, 2018
Latest reply on May 7, 2018 by goodplay

Dear Amd, i like your GPUs, havent used something else for more then a decade but could you please, very pretty please get rid of the automated profile generation on new driver installation?

This stuff is a pain in my bum for quite some time now. I do have tons of games and in 99.999999% i use the same settings per game anyways as the general/common settings, there is absolutely no point in having a special profile for any game at all. It just slows down the Radeon Settings software to a point where you can nearly wait for a minute for something to be confirmed. This is horrible.

After installing new drivers i am pretty much busy for 10 minutes straight to delete all profiles that are generated automatically for no reason besides slowing down the software.

If i would want a game to run on a specific profile i can create one, so please, i really beg you get rid off this automated creation of game profiles on driver installation or at the very least add an option to disable it on installation. It is a *censored* annoyance.


Not sure if this will change anything at all but dunno where else to point that out. If the stuff gets worse i really have to consider at one point to buy from Nvidia again (unless they come up with the same crap) as the hassle of removing the profiles is just awful (specially cause i run multiple system). Fixing this issue shouldn´t require much effort so i hope it will change in the future.