Ryzen 7 1700 Overclock issue

Discussion created by girop on May 5, 2018


i need help with a strange issue that afflict my ryzen 7 1700.

When i try to Overclock the CPU (Also only 200mhz) the system use only the 40% of GPU. This leads in a radically drop of performance, for example:


In "Shadow of war" without Overclock, the internal benchmark scores 102 FPS (all settings maxed out), with overclock the system score only 40 FPS!

The Same things appen with COD WWII, i can see frame drop from the menù!

But with overclock Cinebench score gets up.


How can i resolve? I would have a little performance improvement....


The remaining part or the system is:


Mobo: MSI X370 Pro gaming carbon

Ram: corsair vengeance @3000 MHz

Graphic card: Zotac GTX 1080 amp extreme


Thanks for the support