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RX 580 8gb flickers on 240hz monitor

Question asked by requiem551 on May 4, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2019 by okegameg

I just bought an Alienware AW2518Hf 240hz monitor


When paired with my AMD RX 580, the monitor will flicker on and off randomly when playing games with the monitor's refresh rate set anywhere above 60hz. It's more of a 'blink' than a flicker, where the screen completely goes black and then turns back on a second later, almost like the signal is being interrupted from the GPU to the monitor.


I've tried almost every fix I can think of. Changing HDMI and Displayport cables, plugging into different ports, turning Freesync on and off, upping the power limit on my GPU, reinstalling drivers, etc...


I changed my GPU to a spare nvidia GTX 1050 I have and lo and behold, it runs games flawlessly at 240hz+ (obviously on lowest settings possible) with this monitor. It's not that the AMD card has trouble pushing the frames, it seems like a compatability issue.


I'm guessing this is a driver issue AMD is having. Can anyone who works at AMD comment on this and let me know if it's a known issue or not?


Thanks for any help.


System specs:
RX 580 8gb
8gb RAM
XFX TS 650w Gold power supply
Windows 10 64-bit




After looking more into the issue, it seems like it's a power issue with the AMD card. When set at a refresh rate above 60hz, the AMD card requires more electricity for some reason. In my case, I had to increase the available electricity by +30% in AMD's Wattman software in order to eliminate the screen blinking with this monitor.


I'm not sure if it's an issue with my individual card or a driver issue like I suspect, because I have no other AMD cards to test with. I will note that when the monitor is set to 60hz but the card is not frame limiting itself through vsync or another frame limiter, but still pushing max frames as it would when the monitor is set to 240hz, there is no blink. When the monitor is set back to 240hz with the exact same settings, the blink starts up again. So it seems to me it's an issue with AMD's driver still, and for some reason the card requires more electricity when the monitor is at 240hz for no additional performance gains.


I'll report this to AMD myself, and it would be nice if anyone with the same issue does too. Like I said, it might just be my card, but I kind of doubt it since it performs fine and doesn't need extra electricity when the monitor is at 60hz.