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2700x on a Asus Strix X470F motherboard

Question asked by samfi on May 4, 2018
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I bought this combination a few days ago. Switching my old z170 and i7 7700k.
Swapping the board and cpu and connecting only a empty SSD (sata), and 1080Ti.
Installed latest bios and installed windows 10.
Problems so far:
-Corevoltage above 1.5 volts
-Random blackscreens and system hangs where I really have to pull the powercord from the PSU.
-Qleds, without changing something in the bios, they turn orange or white or nothing at all.


knowing that the same parts worked perfectly 8 hours before in the intel combination.


What's with the Vcore? +1.5 is unreal, no?
Can't find any info about voltages stated by AMD.
What are the weird system freezes?


Tips on this board and CPU are welcome.
Hope I can read them before CPU is burned.