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    green vertical and horizontal stripes?


      lenovo ideapad 320

      radeon r7

      software 17.1.1

      Driver Packaging Version



      any ideas on this? I get a thick about 2 inches wide vertical green stripe on video (youtube, streamed, news, etc..) with a thin horizontal green line at the bottom of the screen. sometimes it goes away and then comes back.

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          Not sure, are you using official Lenovo drivers. Those laptops very often use customized drivers as they use custom voltage, clock and fan speed settings that are designed specifically for that laptop by Lenovo not AMD. If you are using any driver other that the Lenovo ones they may or may not work and you do so at your own risk. The vanilla AMD drivers available on the AMD site are meant only for reference designs and practically no laptop ever is reference. It is up to Lenovo to update the current drivers to work with their hardware, unfortunately most laptop makers do this for a short time at best if ever. When you ask them about they typically telly you that the laptop is only designed to work as it did the day you bought it. This is bad support IMHO but a fact of life these days. Either way, software or hardware issue Lenovo is the expert on their device and I would open a support ticket with them too. See this link for official drivers. Lenovo IdeaPad 320 drivers download | Support Drivers


          If you need to contact AMD about this in hopes of getting help, these forums may have someone that can offer better advice but they are just peers of yours here not AMD employees. To open a support ticket with AMD do that here: Email Form