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Radeon Software Issue

Question asked by kikimos on May 3, 2018


My PC is

Ryzen 3 2200 g


8 gb ddr 4 2400

When there was 256 of memory for Vega the system crashed sometimes while watching youtube. I gave 1 Gb to Radeon on mainboard and crashes finished, but there are problems with drivers. If I install 17.7 drivers (Download Not Complete ), videoplayback in different browsers doesnt work properly if i change window: video stops stops while audio goes playing, i can't forvard video, in general i must reload page to get video back, black screen for a moment while vidoeplaback.

If I install 18.1 drivers from Download Not Complete  AFTER deleting 17.7 there are no problems with video playback, but there is no sound nor on audio from mb, neither via hdmi. The screen goes 1024*768 (recommended), I can make 1920*1080, but it looks strange. No audioHDMI driver. And there is no amd radeon settings installed.

If I try to install this 18.4 driver Download Not Complete instead of mentioned before the system shows no driver (if no driver) or 17.7 driver (if it is installed) and shows message that no new drivers to instal (cant upgrade to 18.4), even if no driver installed. Also I cant isntall it even if 18.1 drivers from Download Not Complete installed.


Please, advice.