i had strange issue with my gpu

Discussion created by hendry9 on May 3, 2018
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AMD R9 280x

i7 4770 k

Desktop pc

windows 10

driver : newest

8 gb ram

620 psu


so IF IF IF im playing a game suddenly there a pop up massage box about like canon survey program and others

so i check it with ALT + TAB to see from game to desktop so then i close the massage box about the canon survey program

when im back again to game wtih ALT+TAB my FPS suddenly drop to 20, wahts happen ???

im trying to restar pc uninstall driver the problem still not fixed.


the only way to fix are reseated my VGA card and the problem fixed.


the questions i want ask are why if im playing game the FPS will drop if there are massage box appear like canon survey, video downloader update and everything massage box.

if there no massage box abaout update some program my game fine, BUT in the middle of gmae if there sometime some program need update and show massage box in desktop my FPS will drop to 20.