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    i had strange issue with my gpu


      AMD R9 280x

      i7 4770 k

      Desktop pc

      windows 10

      driver : newest

      8 gb ram

      620 psu


      so IF IF IF im playing a game suddenly there a pop up massage box about like canon survey program and others

      so i check it with ALT + TAB to see from game to desktop so then i close the massage box about the canon survey program

      when im back again to game wtih ALT+TAB my FPS suddenly drop to 20, wahts happen ???

      im trying to restar pc uninstall driver the problem still not fixed.


      the only way to fix are reseated my VGA card and the problem fixed.


      the questions i want ask are why if im playing game the FPS will drop if there are massage box appear like canon survey, video downloader update and everything massage box.

      if there no massage box abaout update some program my game fine, BUT in the middle of gmae if there sometime some program need update and show massage box in desktop my FPS will drop to 20.

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          You may have a malware installed.


          Download Malwarebytes and install it. It has a free version that works just as well as the paid version. Run it and see if it spots any malware in your computer.


          AMD Drivers doesn't have POP-UPS advertising anything especially Canon.

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              I'm going to guess the popups are from other software installed, and they just happen to pop up whilst playing a game (canon printer software and that sort of thing).

              I think the new Windows Focus Assist settings should be able to be set to stop this happening while you are playing Windows 10 April 2018 Update - Focus Assist - YouTube  shown here (slightly different before the spring update I think). But I'd try turning off all the popups in the software you have.


              Why it would cause the huge FPS drops until reseating though I have no idea, that's very odd

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                  Those Pop-ups generally are caused by ADWARE that has infected your computer. You need to run Malwarebytes and see if it can locate the source of those Pop-ups and delete the program that is causing it. Or us SPYBOT - SEARCH & DESTROY. Both are free to download and use. Later on you can alway uninstall those programs. Also use your Anti-Virus to scan your computer.


                  I would take care of Pop-up ADWARE virus first, then later try to find out why the FPS drop occurs. 

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                First i want to say thanks to all answer

                But this issue more complex, its no about malware.

                If about malware i never create this thread.

                Because thats easy problem to resolve.


                This the massage when i talk in discord with AMD tech support :


                it's not from articles but I'm sure you can find plenty of bugs reports on reddit, I've personally had a similar issue as well on Vega FE, for some reason clocks and fps drop significantly and stay there but I just wiped the drivers with DDU, reinstalled and it seems to be fine now

                what happens is, when notifications pop up, sometimes they just de-focus a window and it glitches out, doesn't recover.


                The diference with me he succes unistall with DDU no needed reseated gpu to motherboard.


                In my case i must reseated my gpu to motherboard.