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R9 Fury Black screen with Adrenaline Drivers Radeon Settings Window

Question asked by oldar on May 2, 2018

Hello there great community!

I wanted to share your thoughts about a problem of mine, when I try to install any Version of the Adrenaline Series Drivers. It seems that each time I am trying to make the Radeon Settings appear, a Black Screen appears as well and I force myself to restart my PC. If I do not press to open the Radeon Settings window, everything seems to run fine.


The latest stable Version for my system was the Crimson Drivers 17.11.4. In that Version everything worked like a charm: I had Radeon Settings on my taskbar and when I pressed right click in the desktop, the same option was there.


Since Version 17.12.1 Black screens and random restarts appeared out of nowhere. I used system restore as I could not even uninstall the drivers without a black screen appears while I was doing the uninstalling procedure. When 18.3.4 came out, I wanted to give them a try but Black Screens came out again after about 4-5 days. And I was not in game or anything, I was just surfing in google and BAM! Black Screen. Firstly I thought it was one of my hard drives but after I removed them from my system one by one the Black Screen continued to come out.


Safe Mode => AMDCleanUtility => Restart => Install the 18.3.4 Drivers. Then, I noticed that I had no Radeon Settings icon in my taskbar and I had not the option to select it from the right-click on desktop. Other than that, the system seemed to be fine. No Black screen occurred for the several days.

When the 18.4.1 came out and I uninstalled the previous drivers as before, but using DDU this time. When I entered in Windows and I installed the drivers, I had no Radeon Settings in taskbar BUT I had the option to select them from the right click on the desktop. It was then, when I realized that if the Settings window was to appear, the Black Screen appeared too. If I did not open the Settings menu nothing bad was happening.


I read some threads in here about Black Screens and I was wondering if there is a hardware issue with my card, but since this morning I installed 17.11.4 Drivers after DDU and everything works as before. I will give it some days though just to be sure, but is this a known issue in the Driver Department?


My system speqs

Windows 7 Pro x64 (SP1)

Sapphire Radeon Fury Nitro (Black Backplate Edition)

Intel i7 4790k, 16GB RAM

Asus Rampage VII (Hero Edition)