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Screen Tearing and Micro-Stuttering in DC Universe Online

Question asked by dava4444 on May 2, 2018
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I recently moved over to a Sapphire RX 480 8GB from a EVGA GTX 970.


Since then I been experiencing screen tearing and micro-stuttering in DCUO.

DCUO is my hobby of many years and I did not anticipate any problems moving over to Radeon.

The game itself is a very low intensity game by today's standards.


I have played with the settings and managed to improve this problem.. however, I am left with the choice of either micro-stuttering or screen tearing .

I did not have this problem with the GTX 970.

I have tried:


Turning on/off VSync/Enhanced VSync with each combination of 'OpenGL triple buffering'.

Using Chill in combinations of the above.

Using Frame Lock with combinations of all the above.


Using supersample/adaptive multisampling/multisample.

SFO is off.. I tried it ON and it got worse, so after that I left it.

Power Efficiency in combination with the other settings seemed to help a little but I don't know if it was that or the other settings. (it was still unacceptable)

Maybe I should change that back.


I was totally not expecting this .. and if the following isn't so, please can long term MMOs have extra support as their user base will play these games for many more years than AAA titles as it's more of a hobby than a game, meaning it's not just AAA games that has tens of hours for users but MMOs get THOUSANDS of hours pumped into them :


Any help would be appreciated.