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    Computer won't allow over 1920x1080 resolution


      Hello, I have an AOC G2460V FreeSync 16:10 1920x1200 75Hz monitor, upon initially receiving this monitor, (after switching to DisplayPort cable) I could use it to it's full extent, 16:10, refresh rate resolution. However, after doing a  custom clean install of the new 18.4.xxx something Radeon RX 500 series driver. I can no longer set my computer resolution to 1920x1200. However, 16:10 supported resolutions lower than 1080p do function if it helps, I'm currently typing this with my monitor set to 75hz and 1680x1050 resolution (next best thing) I have FreeSync toggled on, Virtual Super Resolution is toggled on, GPU scaling is enabled. (full panel) And my system specs are as follows:


      CPU: AMD FX 6300 3.5Ghz 6 core black edition
      GPU: Rx 560 2gb 1176Mhz
      RAM: 8gb 803Mhz Single channel RAM
      Coolers: Stock fans (3)
      HDD: Seagate 1tb 7200RPM
      PSU: no clue.



      Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!

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          which version of Windows do you have installed?


          If you have Windows 10, go to "Settings- Display" and see if under resolutions it show 1920x1080 for your monitor.

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              I have Windows 10 installed, yes it displays 1920x1080.


              Edit: During games, setting a resolution that is 16:10 (any resolution) will add a Vertical Letterbox.

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                  Check you monitors specs. it shows it is a 16:9 monitor: here is a copy from AOC about the specs of your Monitor:

                  Viewable Screen Size24"
                  Panel TypeTN
                  Aspect Ratio16:9
                  Brightness250 cd/m² (typ)
                  Refresh Rate
                  Contrast Ratio (dcr)50,000,000:1
                  Response Time1ms
                  Max Resolution1920x1080@75Hz
                  Color Depth16.7M
                  Pixel Pitch (mm) (H x V)0.27675 (H) mm x 0.27675 (v) mm
                  View Angle (degrees) (H x V)Horizontal: 170 Degrees (CR>10) Vertical: 160 Degrees (CR>10)
                  Display Area (mm) (H x V)531.36 mm x 298.89 mm
                  Scanning Frequency (H / V)Horizontal: 30k~83KHz Vertical: 50~76 Hz

                  Here you can download the AOC Driver for your G2460VQ6 monitor: AOC

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                      I'm missing something here, how come I used to be able to play 16:10 resolutions flawlessy if it's max resolution is 16:9? I also believe you may have my monitor model wrong. It's not very clear, but in the topright of my monitor. It says: G2460V.... v. Nothing else comes after that, I don't know if that even exists. But that's what it displays. Alright, never mind I'm stupid. In the Radeon attachment, the monitor is labeled as G2460VG5. In the 2nd attachment, neither of the models I've said this monitor is are on this driver list.

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                          As far as I can tell your monitor is a 16:9 aspect ratio with a maximum of 1920:1080 resolution. Depending on how individual monitors work. giving it a different aspect ratio may either stretch the picture to fit the screen, or leave the black bars around the picture.


                          Why you may have not seen this previously and been able to select other resolutions that weren't supported by your monitor, is settings under the Radeon settings Display tab labelled Virtual Super Resolution and GPU Scaling. If you set your monitor in windows to 1920:1080 in 16:9 as is natively supported, then turn on Virtual Super Resolution in the radeon settings, it will allow you to select desktop and game resolutions above what is supported by your monitor (and probably different aspect ratios like 16:10), and then downscale them back to the 1920:1080 of the monitor. This allows for slightly crisper rendering in games and can be used to improve the image without losing as much performance to anti-aliasing. I'm assuming the GPU scaling makes sure different ratios fit your screen, but I've not tried this one personally.

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                            There should be a label showing the model number of your Monitor. Normally it is in the rear of the monitor. It should show both the Model number and the Serial number.

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                      It happens sometimes that screen resolutions that should be there for whatever reason are no longer there. Nobody wants to reinstall Windows to get back, thanks to ToastyX you don't have to.

                      He made nice little utility that you can add the resolution you want back in and then choose it from the list like you are supposed to be able to. Give it a try: Custom Resolution Utility (CRU)



                      I should add I only reference this for you as you said it did work before and now doesn't as noted above the official specs for you monitor don't look like they do support this at least not officially.