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    Help. Unable to change the cache settings on my AMD raid controller.


      Complicated to say but here goes.


      Fresh install Windows 10 X64 Home 1803

      Asus M5A97 R2.0 2603 bios

      (AMD raid device id 3493)

      2 x 240gb SSD's in raid 0

      1 1TB Storage sata HDD

      MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X

      16GB 4x4gb G-Skill 14900(DDR3 1866)

      Logitech G series peripherals

      Acer predator XB271HuA monitor


      So the Raid was made Using Ctrl F ok and windows was installed fine..BUT the cache settings are


      Read Cache Status NA

      Write Cache status Write through


      I cannot change it, you cannot change it via Ctrl F on boot and AMD's raid expert refuses to change any cache setting on the Logical drive.


      I can enable disable write cache via device manager and the drive..But read cache remains NA


      How can i change it when Raid Xpert doesn't allow me to change any setting?


      Does anyone have a clue how i can change the AMD controllers cache settings for the logical drive i created?