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    Comparability Questiom: Radeon Pro Duo 32GB (Polaris)


      Does anyone know what motherboards and/or pre-built workstations would support this card. I ask because (despite using an all AMD system that supports other cards fine) i've ran into compatibility issues myself and saw several other people on various forums with similar issues. "No signal to monitor etc, needing tons of tweaking to get running correct" ....I tried a bios update and several other things. Even sent it off to a certified technician for a double check. Looks like I needed to upgrade to a new motherboard or find a pre-built workstation/desktop that this card will fit in and run.  If anyone reading this owns a working Radeon Pro Duo 32GB (Polaris) any recommendations on hardware that is known to be compatible with this card or where such information can be found is very appreciated....


      Example would it work in this?: Precision 5820 Desktop Tower Workstation | Dell United States



      I am a little more than disappointed this card has so many reliability issues (which seem to mostly be lazy development of drivers and software based) given how its marketed as a 'professional' grade card thats suppose to have good support. Especially considering the premium in price. You'd expect it to plug in like any other GPU into a PCIe slot and simply work in your machine and not need specialized hardware long as the requirements are met... but... apparently given reports form countless users and my own experience... nope... got to jump through tons of hoops...