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AMD Radeon driver update breaks opengl every damn time

Question asked by mcangry on May 2, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2018 by elstaci

I guess I'll never get tired of telling AMD how garbage their software is.


Seems like every time I update the graphics drivers, it kills OpenGL, and all the programs I use that depend on OpenGL stop running, or stop functioning properly. I do game development as a hobby and am supposed to be collaborating with a team right now, but I can't, because nothing works since I "improved" my drivers. And the last time I had to uninstall and reinstall these drivers, it created a month-long headache where my machine was barely usable, and I nearly had to wipe the hard drive for the fourth time and start again. I'm sick to death of having to deal with this, and having to scour the internet for an up-to-date solution.


Tells me I have installed, try to install 18.4.1 and it tells me "components already installed".


AMD FX series, 6th generation. Radeon R8 M35ODX.

ASUS A555D series laptop.

Affected programs: Minecraft (if memory serves), GZdoom, Slade, others will be posted as they come up.



Okay, I can't even reply to my own thread on this garbage forum because it thinks I'm not logged in, no matter how many times I log out and log back in. So here's what I've been trying to post: "I'm not even sure which option I choose from the dropdown. APU (Accelerated Processors)?"


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