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    2 GPUs: only 1 card being used?




      Driver Version: 18.4.1

      2 x R9 390

      AMD Ryzen 1600

      8GB DDR4 RAM

      MSI AM4 B350 motherboard (BIOS: MSI click bios 5)

      Corsair Gold 850 Watt PSU

      Display: AOC 2540x1440p IPS Panel

                    Acer 1920x1080p monitor


      Hi, I just discovered, only one of my graphics cards is being used, both definitely work and both are detected and show in device manager, and I can swap between them by plugging my main monitor into either card. When I run a game, if I look in Task manager or GPU-Z one card shows it is maxed out at 100% usage and the other shows 0% usage, GPU-Z also tells me this and that crossfire is disabled but there is no option to enable it in radeon settings. R9 390s do not need a crossfire bridge and there is no slot for one. I'm certain my motherboard supports crossfire/dual gpus or whatever, but I can't get the other second one to be used. MSI Afterburner shows the second card as "Synchronized with Master."


         I get the same fps after removing one of the cards, I also know the second one isn't working as I can hear the fans when it is working i.e.- when I reboot my PC or plug my monitor into it.


      I have tried:

      -Wiping and reinstalling drivers.

      -Swapping the cards round.

      -Looking in the BIOS but nothing shows up there about GPUs.

      -Disabling ULPS in RegEdit

      -Trying to enable crossfire but I have no option to enable it. (Spent ages looking online how)

      -Getting really angry and hitting my desk really hard.