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r9 270 GPU fan either 0rpm or 4200

Question asked by jironity on May 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2020 by daltona2

AMD Radeon r9 270
GPU fan acts like it has only two options - 0RPM and ~4200RPM. Right up to 90C temperature it doesn't work at all, and as soon as it reaches 90 it starts spinning an 4200RPM, then around 80 it again stops completely.

In Global OverDrive fan speed is set to auto and it shows normal behaviour (speed varies according to tempretatures - right now for example it shows 20% fan speed for 40C, but the fan itself doesnt spin) - when controling it manually it again acts like it has only 2 options - up to 80% speed it doesn't work at all, and as soon as i set it to 85 and higher, it spins at ~4200RPM
All other(other than fan speed when i set it manually) settings everywhere in 'AMD Settings' are default


I never used any 3rd party software that controls something like this, i only use CPUID HWMonitor to check the temperatures.


There is also nothing wrong physically with the fan, i removed it, cleaned it and lubed just in case(tho it moved perfectly fine as it was)