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    [RX 580] 4K HDR performance drop and video loss


      This is my first time posting, and my first time I've gone team red!

      So far everything is fine except output to my 4K HDR TV


      System/Setup Specs


      Graphics Card:

      ASUS Radeon RX 580 Dual Gaming OC 8GB     DUAL-RX580-O8G  | Graphics Cards | ASUS Australia

      Driver Version 18.2.1


      MSI B350M MORTAR ARCTIC (MS-7A37) (AM4)     Overview for B350M MORTAR ARCTIC | MSI Global


      Version    A.A0

      Date    29/01/2018


      AMD Ryzen 5 1600


        Enermax Revolution 87+ 1000W 80Plus Gold (It's from 2012 when I had a larger setup)



      Windows Version

      10 64-bit Version 1709 All current updates installed


      LG TV 65UJ752T-TB HDMI

      WebOS 3.7.0-5712101 (dreadlocks2-drto)

      BenQ (1920x1080) HDMI

      Samsung S24A450BW (1920x1200) DVI



      When my LG TV is connected to my 580 with HDR enabled, my PC has a little heart attack. As long as the display is static, the TV operates nominally. But when 4K content is pushed to the device, Windows displays mouse lag akin to high CPU usage, the picture will display but the bottom 30% of the TV will flicker white approx every 5-7 seconds (this also interrupts the audio) and then eventually I get 'snow' on the TV before the screen goes black. Disconnecting and reconnecting the HDMI solves the issue until it happens again.