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A question about a randomly freezing PC attributed to overheating graphic card

Question asked by xprt007 on May 1, 2018
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Hi there

I have a Samsung notebook which was upgraded from Windows 8.1 to 10 a while back, just before Samsung stopped making PCs & so Win 10 software.
That was no problem because the notebook worked well with the drivers Win 10 provided. About 2, 3 months ago, I started getting some random freezing, which seemed to come out of the blue, and on forcing a shut down and subsequent power-up, there's consistently no error message. There's no overheating, because it never felt too hot at the time, the fan works well, and several software showed the CPU & graphic card temps apart from a few spikes mostly between 50 & 69°C  (average around 55 °C). ALL drivers are consistently kept up-to-date and ALL available Windows updates & other software immediately installed.

I turned to Windows Answers and after many weeks of going through all sorts of tests, (including "tips to improve PC performance in Windows 10.") [the exhaustive exchange is here => What causes Windows to freeze for no apparent reason? - Microsoft Community ], it was not at all clear what was behind this, especially after a Windows Reset and installation of just a couple of programs, the laptop froze again, afer just a couple of days. Actually since resetting Windows around 12th April, it has frozen several times, although before the reset, it was around once every 3, 4, 5 weeks.
Then about a week ago, after sharing a number of screenshots by different software, showing temperature readings f the CPU, HDD & graphic card, one of the folks suggested it must be the graphic card.
I had noted though, that different software mostly showed one graphic card temp value mostly averaging around 50° C, ... HDD, mostly below 50 °C and CPU as said 50 - 69 °C, sometimes higher, but freezing has NEVER occurred when the temps were shown to be higher by the available software.

I need to note Speccy (as seen in one of the screenshots in above article at Microsoft Answers somehow always shows CPU temps mostly above 100 °C, but when I noted that even over a year ago, I thought it was spinning and ignored it since other software like Wise Care 365 desktop tool consistently sowed CPU temps mostly between 50 & 69° C. Those high CPU temps as said, which were that high over a year ago, which I mistakenly or not considered not realistic were never a problem as the repeated freezing is just about 2, 3 months old. It's just that the MS-Answers guy thinks there's a connection with the problem.


The last screenshots I shared in Microsoft Answers forum included one from GPU-Z, which showed 2 values for the graphic card, one "normal" and consistent with that of other software in the range of 50° C and one 94°C or above. He explained that the AMD Radeon graphic card has 2 GPUs ...

"Based on the screenshot which you have provided from the program Speccy, your computer runs with 2 GPUs: ATI AMD Radeon HD 7640G (512 MB) and ATI AMD Radeon HD 7600M (2048 MB)."

The GPU-Z identifies the former as the one with 94°C and the reading actually is mostly just over 100 °C. Other readings by HWiNFO.


Anyway, they advised me to immediately contact a technician. They suggested it might require replacing the "heatsink" (?) ...

My questions:
As said, after an exhaustive discussion with MS-Answers, other issues like drivers or software as cause seem to be ruled out.

  1. From my short description and a look at the "What causes Windows to freeze for no apparent reason? - Microsoft Community", can you confirm the cause of the issue is this ATI AMD Radeon HD 7640G (512 MB), which seems to be overheating, with temperatures between 94 & 105°C?
  2. I have no picture of the motherboard with this, but in case the notebook is opened up, is "ATI AMD Radeon HD 7640G (512 MB)" easily identifiable and if so, would replacing the heat sink help get these temperatures down as everyone seems to say 90°C is too high, and I have been having mostly over 100° C??
    Because of the high repair costs, and this being an oldish gadget, I want to try and do this myself. I have bought some heat sink paste.
    Is there anyway of obtaining a picture of this gadget?
  3. Lastly, as said, the Microsoft Answers guy says this graphic card has 2 GPUs and if you look at the Device Manager, it has 2 Display Adapters, "AMD Radeon HD 7640G and AMD Radeon HD 7600M ". I am NOT an expert on this and this may sound silly, but ... is it possibly to disable the culprit adapter "AMD Radeon HD 7640G", in case you agree it's responsible for the GPU-Z temperatures between 95 & 105°C without any effects?
    Since in the device manager it's possible to disable one of them, would it affect performance in any way? Does the notebook need both adapters?

I would very much appreciate you expert advice. I'm NOT an expert, so an appropriate explanation would be great.

P.S.: More screenshots in the Microsoft Answers article show more details about installed hardware and my system.


Thank you in advance & kind regards.