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[Radeon R5]Framerates drop and blurred graphics on several game titles

Question asked by askarulah46 on Apr 30, 2018
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I have an issue with my graphics driver.

My device is a Laptop with i3 5005U,Intel HD 5500.with Radeon r5 m330 graphics renderer.

The issue is when playing game titles such as Counter Strike:Global Offensive and Battlefield 4.i get blurred screen and low fps by using the Radeon R5,but is fine and better performance while using Intel HD graphics,it not like this before and it really bothering me.

Should i consider clean re-installment of the graphics driver,i didn't really know when this issue actually appeared.


Yes,i have re-installed the R5 driver ( i guess ) but i don't think i did the correct procedure in doing so,please let me know the solution to this issue as soon as possible.

Thank you for your attention,