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    Diversity in Red Team


      Why Doesn't Red Team Open up to other non English Speaking Cultures ...i feel like it's kinda exclusive to English Speaking cultures and that saddens me.... Here in Egypt for Example there are many AMD fans even since the ATI days. why not reach for those too. one as myself can speak both English and Arabic and surely can help making Red Team making Arabic Content and there are other like me out there and even in other cultures that are Die hard fans. Red Team is really epic and i'd love to join.  is that available as an Option? wouldn't making other language content be something good ! to make those language barriers go away ?

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          Anybody can be an AMD Red Team member, no matter what region or culture, check out this thread: Red Team: How to Become a Member

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              Yes I know that. but i haven't seen nothing but English based reviews ... the diversity i am talking about is the content language. i know English is the global language but there are some nations out there who are generally not that good at English so content in other languages like Arabic, Japanese, Korean, French, Russian ...etc would Help getting more reach to us... that's what i am aiming for

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              as far as i know there was a plan to bring RedTeam+ to Germany too
              but that info is 3 years old and nothing happened in this regard


              maybe we get lucky some day

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                actually - Germany (+Austria +Switzerland +Italy +Belgium +Lichtenstein +Czechslovakia); France (+Canada +"Colonies"); China + Japan/Korea; Spain (+Americas); Russia (+ex Soviets) = those are the markets that needed to be used - but nearly all of them speak english


                Germany has a bonus of "AMD Saxony" (now Globalfoundries) + a stong market

                french = 135mio speakers (75mio "rich" buyers)
                portugues = 215mio speakers (35mio "rich" buyers)

                german = 250mio speakers (120mio "rich" buyers)

                russian = 275mio speakers (85mio "rich" buyers)

                spanish = 400mio speakers (75mio "rich" buyers)

                chinese = 1.2bil speakers (100mio "rich" buyers)

                maybe arabic = 235mio speakers (50mio "rich" buyers)


                so only german & mandarin; and maybe russian +spanish +french would make sense

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                    You summarized the situation nicely although I'd like to add Arabic to the

                    language list at the end as we have Gulf countries ( UAE, qatar, Saudi

                    Arabia...etc) which are very very rich countries plus Egypt which if look

                    up it has the most population... I am from Egypt btw. Here people love

                    stuff on the budget side if marketed well a bit like india in situation.

                    Another company xiaomi is making heaps of money here in Egypt due to that

                    mindset. Also you got other arabic countries whom has a considerable amount

                    of people with good money. Let's name all that Middle east and north africa

                    which is a valid sector respected by all other tech and non tech companies.

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                        Oman + Kuwait + Katar + UAE = 21mio people (-7mio childs & elder) = 14mio
                        Saudi-Arabia = 30mio (-9mio childs & elder) = 21mio
                        Egypt only has max 5mio "rich" buyers - the other 95mio get as much a year as "rich" citizens get a month


                        so we now have that ~50mio rich buyers...


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                      Hey there kyotwo!

                      Diversity of content, language, representation, and opinions are all super important to AMD and any successful organization! We have been working very diligently on a number of improvements to the AMD Red Team community and what we're doing with everyone in it, which does include focus into something like getting our Twitch.tv channel streaming for more time zones, supporting more languages, and being able to represent PC enthusiasts from all walks of life. We're not quite there yet, but when it comes together, I hope it meets your goals and more!

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                          you guys are doing epic job already..  i am a follower ofa ll those social media channels and i do acknowledge the hard work and the

                          great efforts being made. What i am trying to do is to help as well. That's why i made this post and proposed this idea to try to give back to the coolA MD  community and red team. Might as well be a chance to join too if possible. And to offer alternative or new content.

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                            If you need someone to stream in Dutch, hit me up (Same name on AMD RT Discord).