Ryzen Master 1.3 - Why a step backwards in design?

Discussion created by erogilus on Apr 29, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2018 by wimpzilla

What's with these rather ugly green bars instead of the sliders? Not only does it look different from the Radeon UI controls, it looks downright ugly. The previous yellow sliders were fine and I don't see why the change? If more information was needed on the control there are countless better options than that awful green bar.


Also, the yellow/silver star and circle icons are confusing at first glance and have no tool-tip information explaining what in the world that means. Yes, I'm sure it is buried somewhere in some obscure documentation page, but using an application should be intuitive.


Maybe this comes across as nitpicking.. but I think UI design matters. And I'm more perplexed because it was just fine the first time around.. why the change?