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Error 173 when installing driver. No recognition from my PC relative to AMD Hardware

Question asked by thepemo on Apr 28, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2018 by satek

So this happened recently. I turned my PC and my monitor on, but the monitor displayed that no feedback was coming from my HDMI connected to my GPU. I tried to check if the HDMI cable was faulty by connecting my PS4 via the same HDMI cable to my monitor and it displayed it perfectly. So, the HDMI cable wasn't the issue. Maybe it was my graphic cards itself. So I decided to plug in my VGA cable to my motherboard and it finally showed image in my monitor.
I went to see in my Display Adapters in the Device Manager if the graphic card was there, but it wasn't. I was working with my Intel Graphic card only. I found it weird because my graphic cards fan was running as well as the LED's. I decided to remove the graphic card from my PCI-E slot in the motherboard, clean the PCI-E slot with alcohol (90%) and the power supply cables as well. After cleaning it, I installed the GPU once again and decided to check everything was OK in the BIOS, regarding the graphics configuration but everything seemed fine (my option was set to PCI-E graphic card then Internal Graphic Cards, in this case the Intel one). But when I check my PC again, it still didnt have the graphic card in the Device Manager and now I dont know what to do. I tried everything from installing new drivers but I always come up with "Error 173 AMD installer cannot continue since AMD graphics hardware was not found" and I still dont have any video output from my graphic card.


PC specs:

CPU: i3 - 2100 (3.10Ghz)

Motherboard: Asus P8H61-M

RAM: 2* 4GB DDR3

GPU: Sapphire R9 280 3GB DDR5

OS: Win 10 x64