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High End CPU with low end MOBO ? and MOBO's VRM TEMPS?

Question asked by presentxy on Apr 26, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2018 by presentxy

1) Ryzen 2600X with A320 Chipset possible(any danger about temp) ?


2)AMD's chipset VRM temps ? especially A320,X470 chipset (nanometer of chipset idk? temp of chipset ?)


I really wonder for example (Intel® H310 Chipset Product Specifications ) intel gave us a lot of information about chipset 14nm which is that mean very good temp about mobo even low end mobo chipset.What about AMD's A320,B350,X370,X470 how many nanometers,TDP?


Can i use R5 2600X with low end mobo like A320 ? most important thing is what about VRM temp about motherboard ?