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RX 550 Rendering to a second non-present monitor

Question asked by bizzarro on Apr 25, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2018 by kingfish

Hi all.

My specs:

OS Windows 7 x64 10GB RAM

Processor A4-4000

Video card RX 550 4GB

Monitor HDMI LG Ultrawide 25" 2560*1080


The video card thinks that there is a monitor on the DisplayPort, but I never used this output, and there are no settings to this ghost monitor, one month now with this video card and I can't even play games, because it keeps making a sound of a disconnected usb device, the screen blinks, the computer hang for some seconds, and then a sound of a usb being connected, the screen stop blinking and a ghost monitor appears on the monitor settings.

Even if I uninstall this ghost monitor in Device Management, it comes back after 3-5 minutes, making that annoying sound of usb, blinking the screen and locking the pc.

Making the video setup to only show the desktop in the monitor 2 (my only monitor is shown as 2) I can use internet, hearing the annoying sound of usb all the times that this ghost appears, but I cannot play games.

If I uninstall the graphic card drivers, it stops to appear and disappear the ghost monitor, but without these drivers the pc is slow.

Is there a way to delete only the driver of the DispayPort?

Is there a way to disconnect forever the DisplayPort output?