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Ghost Recon Wildlands crashes with drivers later than 17.11.1

Question asked by sg73 on Apr 26, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2018 by pokester

Hi all,


I quite recently bought Ubisofts Ghost Recon Wildlands for my pc, and I experienced a multitude of issues with the game crashing at certain points. The biggest issue was that it was impossible to even start a new campaign without physically disconneting from internet.


We had a 3 page thread dedicated to this on Ubisofts forum


and also on a thread on Steam.


The common thing for all of us experiencing these issues were we are all running Radeon RX570 cards. The solution? Roll back to driver 17.11.1 and now the game runs flawlessly. Advance to newer drivers and the crashes instantly returns.


So I would like to ask about this both from the community here, as well as hoping to get an official response from someone at AMD, why this is happening with this particular game, and if something is being done about it, or if there exists any workarounds that would allow me and others to install newer drivers?


My system:
Windows 10 pro (swedish)
CPU: Intel Xeon 5650
GPU: Gigabyte RX570 Gaming 4 gig
Memory: 24 gigabyte ram