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ryzen 2200g apu problems

Question asked by tomip on Apr 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2018 by dusanryzen


i just installed my new 2200g into my pc and installed only those drivers for it : Support page | AMD 2200g driver in win 10 64 bit version + the radeon driver( which doesnt work since no radeon graphics card is installed in my system)

I heard about the pretty ok graphics performance on this chip, yet it performes way worse then my 9800+gtx from 2007. Am i missing any setup for the apu or is it indeed this "bad"?  Csgo is not playable on 1080p 720p is at 30fps . there are videos online of people demonstrating the capabilities of the onboard graphics in csgo and they hit over 60fps 1080p at low settings.

Could it be a bios setup problem or a missing driver?